B & W Burn and Wounds Ointment


Although none of these statements have been warranted or proven by the FDA or are we recommending any medical advice here, (don't ya love disclaimers?) we LOVE this multi-purpose salve here at the farm.  We will never be without it again!  Made by the Amish community to originally treat burns with burdock leaves (we have a great class here at the farm about this method, hint, hint) applied as well, we have found that this special ointment seems to cure what ails us in the minor wound department.  We use it on scrapes, cuts (after cleaning properly of course), as a chapstick, mild burns and more.  GREAT for sunburn and made with many herbs.

The ingredients are:  honey (wc), lanolin, olive oil, wheat germ oil, marshmallow root (wc), aloe vera gel +, wormwood (wc), comfrey root (+), white oak bark (wc), lobelia inflata (wc), vegetable glycerin, bees wax (wc) and myrrh.  +=organic  wc=wild crafted

Add this wonderful salve to your home and farm as well.  16 oz. 

B & W Burn and Wounds Ointment
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In Meiner Jugen German and English devotional reader



In Meiner Jugend, “In my youth”. A wonderful little treasure of a devotional reader in German and English. Published by Pathway Publishers, you will enjoy Rules for a Godly Life, The Dordrecht Confession of Faith, Selected Prayers, Formularies for Marriage and more. An interesting read for the young and old or anyone interested in the Amish or Old Order Mennonite faith. 

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