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Come and stay at the Maple Valley Bedstead and Brunch!

The guest bedroom

As we await for the opening of the Maple Valley Cottage this January 2010, why not come and spend some time in the country with us on the farm.

We are located in Montcalm County, Coral, Michigan. 2902 Amble Rd. Coral, Michigan 49322. We are about 40 minutes from Grand Rapids, Michigan and approximately 2 hours from Traverse City, Michigan. We can make arrangements to have you picked up from the Gerald R. Ford International Airport as well. We are about 30 miles from Cannonsburg Ski.

If you are interested in area events or hot spots let us know and we can direct you. We are only 7 miles from the White Pine trail for skiing, biking, snowmobiling, hiking or more. Bring your cross-country skis or snow shoes to use on the farm if you wish. And bring your skates as ice skating is available in February (weather permitting of course).

The Burley Park Flea Market is an attraction in the summer time in Montcalm county as well as the Trufant Flea Market. We are close to both of these markets!

Upon your arrival you will find a hot beverage caddy waiting in your guest bedroom to greet you!

Your queen size Ethan Allen bed will suit you well after a relaxing day on the farm.

We will provide you with a pleasant off-grid experience just like days gone by. Fresh linens, towels all lined dried in fresh air and farm soap for your convenience to please you. We will deliver a hot pitcher and basin to you in the morning before your big breakfast! Of course we have a place for you to brush your teeth but be aware you are using an old-fashioned privy but it is located attached to the house so you do not have to brave the elements!

You will have use of the front room at the farm as well for knitting, writing, reading or conversation with hot beverage available at all times. You are also welcome to look outside around the farm as well. We would suggest bringing seasonal clothes (COLD in the winter and HOT in the summer) and barn boots!

Your stay includes a weather permitting Belgian team hay or bob sled ride. Get ready for a hearty breakfast served at 8:30 am at the farm kitchen table with our family. All food is homemade here on the farm, grown and raised here on the farm or local. You will not be disappointed with the breakfast! Your double occupancy stay is only $120- for 1 evening. Single occupancy stay is $95, arriving at 4 pm and leaving by 11 am the next day. Of course we can accommodate whatever you wish, just ask us!

Supper will be served the eve of your arrival at 6 p.m. if you wish for the total cost of $160- (double occupancy) or $120- (single occupancy), just let us know if you are interested in this little goody, you will be stuffed!

We cannot accommodate pets or smoking on the property. We are a smoke and pet free home as well. What are you waiting for? Give us a call at 616 566 8481, we would love to book your stay!


a winter offering from Maple Valley off-grid Farm


Enjoy this gorgeous bunch of nature in your very own home.  We will ship you some pine boughs, a bluespruce bough, winterberries, an osage orange and red sticks from the rose hip berries to create your own arrangement just like this at your place wherever that might be!  This arrangement shown fits in a medium size "planter".  This size would also go well in a small flower box.  Use for the holidays inside and/or outside.  If left outside this arrangement can last into February in the Northern states. 

A winter offering from Maple Valley Farm
Postage Paid

Maple Valley off-grid laundry detergent


Enjoy our wonderful and economical laundry detergent made right here at the farm.  (We even have a course for this wonderful recipe)  We use our own homemade soap flakes from our soaps, a combination of baking soda, washing soda and Borax.  We pack the detergent in a quart mason/kerr jar and give you a recycled scooper as well.  Each load takes approximately 2 scoops of detergent.  Each jar does approximately 22-28 loads of laundry.  We recommend filling your wash machine with water first, adding soap and then your laundry last.  Read here for a review on our laundry detergent and order yours today.  We suggest ordering more than 1 jar as shipping will be the same for 3+ jars. 

Maple Valley off-grid Laundry Detergent
$ 8.00
Please email or call the farm at 616 566 8481 for shipping charges

a newsletter


The Maple Valley off-grid Newsletter
Why a newsletter?  They have a blog?  This ever changing newsletter tells behind the scenes of what is going on at the farm.  Sometimes the world wide web is just way to big and we like keeping it small and therefore it gets more personal...  We won't kid ya, its not a fancy newsletter at all, in fact the first one was handwritten!  This newsletter usually includes a farm recipe, an article written by the children and some of what we are going through here.  We do not think you will be disapointed.  If you are interested the newsletter is published 10 times a year.

Maple Valley off-grid Farm Newsletter
$24- a year postage paid
back subscriptions - $4- each

Maple Valley old-fashioned off-grid Farm Soap

The Package (see below)


We get pretty dirty here at the farm doing all these chores! We make this soap to wash up with here at the farm and want to offer it to you as well.

Our soap has a wonderful lather. Presently our soap is made with a variety of oils, coconut, olive and canola and some old-fashioned lye. This is also the same soap we put in our homemade laundry detergent.

Each soap is $3- or see below for package price
Please email us or call the farm at 616 566 8481 to calculate your shipping charges

You may also buy the soap package above that includes the
5 soaps tied in raffia with Maple Valley Farm’s rose hips attached for only $25.00, postage paid (no need to call about shipping as it is covered on this package).  You will receive a variety of our soaps in this package, whatever we have just milled and cured here at the farm.