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Maple Valley Farms raw wildflower honey


Come, you must hear the story behind our honey! Meet Mrs.L (center above).  Mrs. L is a 3rd generation apiary farmer. She also was born and raised on this very Maple Valley off-grid Farm (before it became an Amish farm). She is still carrying on the tradition of tending her hives just a few miles from our farm at her honey house.
Maple Valley off-grid wildflower honey is raw, unfiltered and unheated honey. Our bees are not commandeered to pollinate an orchard. Maple Valley Farm bees are simply left alone to do their thing in the wild. By farming bees this way throughout the season the honey varies in color and taste. Not to worry, ours tastes great and is the last of the season to make it the richest of the bunch this year. It’s the closest thing to 100% natural you will ever taste! Enjoy!

3 lbs. of honey (1 quart) $25.95 postage paid

 shipping charges included in price