a winter offering from Maple Valley off-grid Farm


Enjoy this gorgeous bunch of nature in your very own home.  We will ship you some pine boughs, a bluespruce bough, winterberries, an osage orange and red sticks from the rose hip berries to create your own arrangement just like this at your place wherever that might be!  This arrangement shown fits in a medium size "planter".  This size would also go well in a small flower box.  Use for the holidays inside and/or outside.  If left outside this arrangement can last into February in the Northern states. 

A winter offering from Maple Valley Farm
Postage Paid
email or call the farm if you would like this wonderful arrangement

A bunch of Michigan Winter Berries


What looks to be a Possumhaw or Winter Berry, looks absolutely GORGEOUS placed around the farm this time of year.  We include these berries in all of our winter outdoor evergreen decorations as well as indoors in a vase or other places.  We will send you a nice peck of these berries (approximate, more or less) for your decor as well.  We should note these bunches of berries are "leafless" this time of year and we also state that they are NOT recommended for human or animal consumption.

Red Michigan Berries
please email or call the farm at 616 566 8481 for shipping charges

We love to use horse chestnuts in nature projects. These are a beautiful polished looking 'mahogany' color nut.  We harvest these nuts right from the front trees near the porch.  We know fall is coming when we start to hear the nuts dropping during our late night talks on the rocking chairs.  Would make GREAT garland for your tree by drilling a small hole through the top.  We should note these nuts are slightly POISONOUS! NOT to be confused with the "chestnuts roastin' on an open fire song" or for human or animal consumption!  Read more about this interesting nut (no, not me silly, the horse chestnut) HERE

5 lbs. of horse chestnuts

please email or call the farm at 616 566 8481 for shipping charges

2009 fresh harvest of what we call "wild-rose" hips.  These sweet little berries looks pleasant indoors and out.  They will keep through the winter months well outside.  Use them as an accent in your outdoor evergreens or as a centerpiece indoors (they can be dried as well).  Here at Maple Valley Farms we put a small bunch with every soap we sell.  You will enjoy these berries in your home as well.

a small box of berries postage paid is only $10.00

Bring some wonderful and unique nature into your home.  This seasonal offering from Maple Valley farm will look great on your table as a centerpiece.  Osage Oranges (Malcura pomifera) are difficult to harvest as they "hide" within a thorny patch and we have the scrapes to prove it!  Let us harvest you some "horse apples" and enjoy some of your very own.

5 Osage Oranges $20-
(each additional orange $4- in your order and can be ordered individually after the minimum is met)

Please email of call the farm for shipping charges at 616 566 8481